Why Prediction Markets are Good for Society

What are prediction markets?

PRO TIP: Rather than simply gauging online sentiment or incentivizing survey participation, prediction markets have a unique property: in order to cast a prediction, forecasters must wager real money. The more money forecasters wager, the more they are able to move the market in the direction of the outcome that they foresee.

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Prediction markets are a source of truth in a post-truth world.

PRO TIP: This is very different from social media, where the messages that get amplified are the most popular messages, not the most accurate ones. Here’s an example market where the prediction was highly accurate on Polymarket.

Prediction markets help people make more informed decisions.

Prediction markets help people hedge against negative outcomes.

Prediction markets fact-check the internet.

Prediction markets on Polymarket are accessible to everyone.

Prediction markets encourage people with the best information to move the market toward their view.

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Bet on your beliefs.

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