When is the Ethereum Merge, and How Can You Profit?

What is the Ethereum merge and how can you bet on when it is going to happen? Read to learn how it all works and where you can bet on it.

What is the Ethereum Merge?

In what might amount to one of the most consequential and long-awaited developments in the history of crypto, Ethereum is slated to shift to “Ethereum 2.0,” which promises to dramatically lower transaction costs (i.e. gas fees) and CO2 emissions, while also giving ETH holders better yield.

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What is Ethereum?

Ethereum was originally conceived in 2013 by programmer Vitalik Buterin as an open-source blockchain that not only provided a currency but could also serve as a platform for other projects. Vitalik settled on the names Ethereum and Ether, in part, for their resemblance to the word ‘aether’-a mythical substance that 19th-century physicists believed permeated the entire universe and was the invisible medium through which light traveled.

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What are the limitations of Ethereum?

Like many blockchain technologies, Ethereum has encountered numerous setbacks on its road to fulfilling the goals outlined by Vitalik in his 2014 white paper. Even today, the network struggles with a number of challenges.

What is the merge?

High emissions and exorbitant gas fees are not “forever features” of the Ethereum ecosystem. In theory, they will be addressed by the upcoming merge (formally referred to as ‘Ethereum 2.0’ or ‘Eth2’) that is, essentially, a move to abandon proof-of-work in favor of the vastly more efficient proof-of-stake (PoS) model.

When will the merge happen?

While the looming possibility of the Ethereum merge is nearly universally regarded as a positive development, the matter of when it will actually occur remains a topic of high-stakes speculation-and a source of anxiety-for many crypto traders. Although Vitalik originally outlined his intention to move to proof-of-stake in his original whitepaper on Ethereum, the rollout has been pushed back five times so far.

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A race to beat ‘the difficulty bomb’

Whether they run on proof-of-work or proof-of-stake, all blockchain verification networks are decentralized, and most major updates, or ‘forks,’ are typically backward compatible with earlier versions, meaning that there is no means by which computers along the Ethereum network that had previously run proof-of-work can be compelled to immediately shutter their mining operations.

Why bet on the Ethereum merge on Polymarket?

For those who have been following Ethereum’s trajectory since its inception, last month’s volatility is nothing new. Back in 2017, the price of Ether reached a new high of nearly $1500, only to dip below $100 in a matter of months.



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