Polymarket Update & New Deposit/Withdrawal Processes

  • Vastly improved load-times (near-instantaneous), uptime, and more graceful degradation.
  • A clickable “Refresh Prices” button, located on the buy/sell modal, which refreshes automatically periodically.
  • The ability to sort markets from newest to oldest (in addition to existing sorting by volume and liquidity).
  • A “Download History” button located on the Portfolio tab under “Show your Activity” which exports a .CSV spreadsheet containing detailed historical information on all of your trades.
  • Developers can now access our chart data through the API using Redis.
  • The introduction of a $50 withdrawal fee required to be paid if making multiple withdrawals within a three day period, implemented in response to exorbitant gas prices (deposit/withdrawal transaction costs) detailed in our previous community announcement. This is a temporary fix as we continue to work on a permanent solution to transaction costs.

Deposits Update

  1. Download and install Metamask (download available here and a setup tutorial here). You’ll need a little bit of ETH for the transaction fee (.03 ETH), and however much USDC you want to deposit into your Polymarket wallet.
  2. Click “Metamask Deposit” on your account page. Approve access & connect Metamask to the Polymarket website by clicking ‘Not Connected’ and then “Connect” on the wallet you’d like to connect.
  3. You must then specify the amount you wish to deposit.
  4. There will then be two transactions to confirm: the first for allowance, and the second for the actual deposit.
  5. Voila! Wait 8 minutes and your USDC will be ready for unlimited free trades.
  1. Login using your Polymarket credentials at manual.polymarket.com.
  2. Deposit at least .02 ETH (no other currency/token is accepted) in order to pay the network costs for your own transaction. This is in addition to having already sent the USDC to your Polymarket wallet address, listed on your account page. In other words, you will need to deposit USDC to your regular Polymarket deposit address (whatever amount of USDC you wish to deposit), and then send the .02 ETH transaction fee to the address provided when you log in at manual.polymarket.com.


  1. Click withdraw then enter an amount for your withdrawal at polymarket.com/profile.
  2. Click “Start Withdrawal”, then wait about 6 hours.
  3. Head to manual.polymarket.com/withdraw and log-in using your Polymarket email address.
  4. You will now need ETH to finish your withdrawal. Send the amount of ETH specified to the listed address in order to pay the network transaction cost of your withdrawal.
  5. Click ‘Claim’ and then enter your withdrawal address.



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