Polymarket Relayer Community Announcement

  1. For now, we will be topping up the relayers with 2 ETH (~$2,200) every 2 hours between 12–6 PM EST. IF GAS IS ABOVE 150, THESE TOP-UPS WILL NOT OCCUR as the cost is prohibitively high. Usage of those funds for free deposits/withdrawals will be on a first-come, first-served basis. We are also working on implementing a Metamask-usable USDC deposit with which users can deposit USDC into their Polymarket account whenever they want by paying ETH fees themselves. Additionally, if you urgently need to withdraw a large amount, you can top up the relayer yourself by following the tutorial at the end of this document.
  2. We will soon implement a system wherein free withdrawals will likely be limited to one every 3 days per user. Beyond that, users will have to pay for an expedited withdrawal, at a cost roughly aligned with the true cost of that transaction, ranging from $35-$100. We will begin internal testing of this tomorrow and hope to implement it early next week.
  3. One eventual solution we’re optimistic about involves Connext, which would enable users to deposit and withdraw USDC into their Polymarket wallet near-instantly and inexpensively. Connext enables users to send USDC on Ethereum to a given address, in similar fashion to the current user experience, and then receive USDC in their Polymarket wallet on L2/Matic, circumventing the need to bridge the USDC via smart contract for every deposit and withdrawal, which is what’s most expensive. Polymarket is their flagship use case they’re targeting, and our teams are working together on this integration. We anticipate that it will be ready by early-February.

Relayer deposit tutorial:

Connect by clicking on “not collected” and following the prompt.




Bet on your beliefs.

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Bet on your beliefs.

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