Market Review Bounty Program

Introducing our new market review bounty program designed to incentivize user input into clear and unambiguous market terms.

How much are bounty payouts?

Bounty payouts will be determined by the severity, impact, and likelihood of the reported error, at the discretion of the Markets Integrity Committee (MIC).

  • Small, inconsequential errors in spelling or grammar in market descriptions, extremely unlikely edge cases, or otherwise non-severe edge cases in market criteria.
  • Moderate errors like bracket misspellings, issues pertaining to the reliability of a resolution source, or the ability to manipulate a market or obtain early data.
  • Potential issues with how our markets will resolve, including incorrect brackets, resolution dates, or severe edge cases that are likely to prevent fair market resolution.
  1. Spelling & Grammar — Simple mistakes in how the market is written.
  2. Brackets — Ranges for market outcomes which do not fully encompass the relevant possibilities for resolution.
  3. Edge cases — Any possible outcome that is not included in how the market is designed.
  4. Fairness The ability to manipulate or interact with a market or its data in a way not accessible to other users.
  1. Tell us about what you found by writing a message in the market-review channel of our Discord channel.
  2. Our team will review your submission and investigate the error.
  3. If applicable, we will determine a bounty payout for your contribution.
  • Be the first to report the market problem.
  • Include enough detail in your submission for our team to understand the problem.



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