Introducing Polymarket Microgrants

How Can I Get Involved?

  1. Pitch your project to us by filling out this form
  2. Our team will review your submission and provide feedback on your proposal
  3. If selected, we will quote you a grant. (Grant sizes range from $100 to $75,000!)
  4. Get to work 💪
  5. Keep us up-to-date on your progress and coordinate with us on your project’s debut
  6. Showcase what you and others in the Polymarket community are up to for the world to see

What Criteria Will You Consider for My Project?

  1. Impact: How much of an impact will your project have on our community and/or in educating the broader public about Polymarket
  2. Implementation: How difficult will this undertaking be and how long will it take to execute your vision
  3. Experience: What skills and experiences do you (or your team) bring to turn your pitch into a reality

Wish List


  • Podcasts covering markets on a regular cadence
  • Publication focused on information market-based journalism
  • Tweetstorms that explain what Polymarket is, how it works, and what impact information markets can have on the world
  • Viral memes about Polymarket (We 💖them)
  • Bespoke research on future price movements for a market
  • Retroactive analysis comparing the predictive power of Polymarket price data vs. other sources
  • Content on how everyday people can benefit from information markets and better prepare for the future
  • Polymarket user tutorials (especially video walkthroughs)
  • Tutorials on using MetaMask
  • Guides on providing liquidity
  • Explainers on binary, categorical, and scalar markets
  • Translations to make Polymarket accessible to non-English speakers
  • ELI5 Polymarket: Ethereum, decentralized finance (DeFi), automated market makers (AMMs), liquidity pools, Layer 2 scaling (Matic / Polygon)
  • B&Ts that support trading on Polymarket (e.g., Profit/Loss tracking, interactive and more sophisticated charting for market prices, etc.)
  • B&Ts that make peer-to-peer (P2P) deposits and withdrawals easier
  • B&Ts that allow Polymarket data to be more accessible to the broader public
  • Suggesting markets and drafting conditions & resolution criteria
  • Building a social media presence on platforms like Reddit or Clubhouse
  • Community-focused content that features developments within the community or spotlights on specific members (Text, Video, Audio)
  • User support in Discord
  • Research on automated market makers (AMMs) and proposals to improve technology
  • Data analysis of Polymarket price data for academic purposes
  • Academic papers about information markets



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