Introducing Polymarket Microgrants

With $100M+ traded since launching our Stage 2 beta just six months ago, Polymarket needs your help to continue building the world’s source for real-time, unbiased insights into the future

The Polymarket team is excited to announce our microgrants program that will support our community members who want to build, create, and innovate within our ecosystem. We could not have reached the $100M trade volume milestone without you, and we want to give you the opportunity to work on your passion project on our dime.

This initiative reflects our commitment to providing actionable data on the topics most important to society without the distortion of fake news and hot takes from pundits. Your projects will help grow the Polymarket community and expand the impact of information markets on society.

Remember: projects come in all shapes and sizes; they can be as groundbreaking or as simple as you’d like.

How Can I Get Involved?

  1. Pitch your project to us by filling out this form

What Criteria Will You Consider for My Project?

  1. Impact: How much of an impact will your project have on our community and/or in educating the broader public about Polymarket

Excited for your submission to hit our inbox!

P.S. Pumped about the program but need inspiration? Check out our wish list below!

Wish List


  • Podcasts covering markets on a regular cadence

Documentation (Text, Video, Audio)

  • Polymarket user tutorials (especially video walkthroughs)

Bots and Tooling (B&Ts) (Example: Polymarket Whales)

  • B&Ts that support trading on Polymarket (e.g., Profit/Loss tracking, interactive and more sophisticated charting for market prices, etc.)


  • Suggesting markets and drafting conditions & resolution criteria


  • Research on automated market makers (AMMs) and proposals to improve technology

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