How to Deposit Using Metamask in 3 Minutes

  1. Download and install Metamask if you haven’t already (download available here and a simple setup tutorial here).
  2. On Coinbase (or whatever cryptocurrency exchange you prefer), purchase enough ETH for the transaction fee (roughly .05 ETH), and however much USDC you want to deposit into your Polymarket wallet. Send all of the USDC and ETH to your Metamask address.
  3. Once your Metamask wallet is funded, return to Polymarket and Click “Metamask Deposit” on your account page. Approve access & connect Metamask to the Polymarket website by clicking “Not Connected” and then “Connect” in Metamask (to the left of your account information).
  4. You must then specify the amount you wish to deposit.
  5. There will then be two transactions to confirm: the first for allowance, and the second for the actual deposit.
  6. Voila! Wait 8 minutes and your USDC will be ready for trading.




Bet on your beliefs.

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Bet on your beliefs.

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